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Ayatollah Qassim : Security and its endurance

Security and its endurance


In the Name of God the Merciful,

Thank you God, and may peace and mercy be upon the Prophet Mohammed and his pure family and companions.


Every living creature looks for, seeks, maintains and protects its own security. The most forms of security that worry humans is that which they need. This form of security is linked to one’s life, rest and reasons of happiness in this life and the afterlife. One’s concern for security contains the present and the short and long term future and its stretch into eternity.

And this security, in its presence and future, and to the furthest extent of the human existence is guided by God who is found through human instinct. For mankind cannot find this type of security in such inclusiveness and containment and eternity without this path.

The meant security in this article is the security of life through obligation to the sanctity of blood as to prevent large losses in the life of people, human societies and the human.

No human society can enjoy security of life under lingering tensed relations between its factions. With permanent conflicts between governments and their peoples, it becomes impossible for one side of the conflict to live in endured security and comfort in terms of the bases of life such as dignity and realization of the people’s right to existence in the nation. Each side would attempt to exhaust its opposing side in order to secure its own existence. As the conflict becomes more tensed, it becomes more hazardous on both sides and brings the homeland to relapse.

It is of absolute vanity and ridicule for the government to remain on the provocative oppression of its people and to seek security through what destructs its people’s security, further, for the government to ask to maintain the current exclusivity and extravagance which makes its people needy, and for it to foster its position and widen its authority by excluding, marginalizing and humiliating its people. Such a situation creates a conflict for existence, and its flames then tire the two sides and takes the lives of the innocent in an oppression that cannot be contained in boundaries, in fact, it does not leave space for security at all.

A governance that considers the land, wealth, power, order and even people all of its possessions is a thick one in our times. Indeed, peoples of today cannot remain patient with such an adventurous and crazy governance. Governments around the globe must learn quickly from their failures and disappointing results.

When a people’s fight is prolonged and its sacrifices are huge and its wounds are deepened, when its youth, youngsters, men, women and elderly suffer grievances in every house and every day, their struggle cannot be stopped and they will not give up on their demands and go back to the position where they were neglected, humiliated and degraded. For they have given all it takes and been patient on grievances just to break these chains.

And the sham and degrading settlements only entrench the pressurizing and humiliating status that the people is running from and will not go back to.

This is a reality not an assumption. It is indicated through the long and continued sacrifices and firm patience on grievances and extreme determination to be steadfast. A reality that must bring an end to torture against the people and fail security of governance that comes through crushing the security of the people.

The people of Bahrain are most fit for a high humanitarian governance and most fit to enjoy full rights, freedoms and dignity, especially that it has adhered to peaceful means in its pro-reform movement without going to bloody retaliations.

A people that deserves all appreciation, but who does appreciate it?


Isa Ahmed Qassim

Thursday 14th May 2015

25 Rajab 1436-Hijri