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Qassim: Calls for Islamic Unity shall be Louder on the tongue of each loyal son of this Nation

Bahrain lives the dialogue for complexity, excitement, entertainment and not for a solution
Ayatollah Isa Qassim: Calls for Islamic Unity shall be Louder on the tongue of each loyal son of this nation

The Second Friday Sermon – political – [560] 11 Sha’ban 1434 H / 21 June 2013 – Mosque of Imam Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him), Alduraz.


Serious dialogue or a tool of distraction:             

Repeatedly we say that reform, the political reform in the first place, is an essential necessity and also indispensible in the religion, security’s issue, homeland’s interest, and situation’s stability. It is indispensible in the social cohesion, people’s satisfaction, charter’s requirement, Constitution’s language, and the worldly known political costume that creeps quickly and might have covered the world and its all areas.

And for more than once I confirm that reform, including the political reform, does not need in its judgment to introductions and waiting. All what it needs is an honest intention, tendency to Justice, adopting fairness, and serious political will.

And if there is a need to the dialogue as claimed, then the dialogue which might end with an acceptable solution is the serious and fair one that has sincere intention and purpose, not a dialogue of distraction or entertainment that aims to silence, distract attention, and make excuses – this dialogue could be named in vernacular a “soother”.

Each day, in which a session of the current dialogue’s sessions is held, indicates to the lack of seriousness and confirms that its purpose is not the solution. Also, it doesn’t serve the second purpose which is distraction and entertainment since there is no entertainment and distraction from the essential demand which is the reform that all people believed in and will not retreat from, that people sacrificed all what it sacrificed in a way that it’s not correct to retreat without being paid, and that reached a situation in which people have found it’s not correct to be patient on without not doing anything to fix it.

This dialogue until now is for complexity not solution, for aggravating not to ease, for excitement not entertainment and distraction, yet entertaining and distracting one people of the earth’s peoples have become very difficult now, and for people of Bahrain it’s the impossible.

The solution relies, first and foremost, on God and then on people’s insistence on the serious reforming demand that is capable of rescuing the situation and directing it to the correct path through their patience on the increasing ongoing sacrifices and continuing the rational demanding within the legitimate morals and peaceful method. The regime is the one who takes the responsibility and has the opportunities of reform in its hand. The regime doesn’t need to search or wait. If it wants to reform now, it has something to do.

Each evasion, delay, and excuses only reveal the unseriousness, will of disruption, the continuation and excess in doing the wrong. The good for this country to rescues its situation and the interest of all its components and bail it out of the impasse caused by the unfair policy that violated it and deteriorated it, is the reform, its seriousness and rapidity, and how it takes in consideration the level of people’s awareness, and maturity, aspiration, and all their efforts.

As for the level of what is on the ground and external reality within the dialogue, and in the political, security, and media arena and the other dimensions managed by the government, the trend goes to a further escalation, complexity, accumulation of problems, blocking the roads that can lead to a solution that could help the country out of the impasse and the bottleneck which narrows over time.

With no review of what is the issue of aggravation, complexity and multiplying the problems by the government, it is sufficient to deepen this issue through these claims, which do not stop and do not have an end with the constant discoveries of cells, terrorist organizations, and the series of successive conspiracies which hardly spare a symbol of the opposition, and a faction of its  factions, and bold jurist voice but faced a charge of these charges, and ended in the investigation with him until being convicted, and then a cruel punishment to be issued against him, in a way that this punishment includes dozens after dozens and a group after group of innocent people who would be thrown in the darkness of prisons, for long periods to accommodate the age of many.

If we believed the stories of the government about the discovery of many plots, organizations, terrorist cells and planning for the bombings, then the result will be that Bahrain is one of the largest terrorism kitchens in the world, and its people are among the most planning for plots.

Fortunately, as it is depicted in the political media, the massive terrorist attempts and obscurantism conspiracies are discovered on an early grave to defuse the bombs safely, and the suspects are captured so to protect the Country from their evil.

If you searched for the evidence, then you will find it repeated every time in the fair investigation that takes place in comfortable and safe conditions and in clear and sufficient capacity in terms of freedom in expressing opinion and sincere advertising of will. This is something that characterizes the conspirators and terrorists of Bahrain, as portrayed by the official media that despite the alleged betrayal, that they have a record of honesty which prevents them from lying about what they did to their country and the evil they intended to do, and make them rush to honestly and with accuracy admit their crimes that match the government attorney and the way externalized for the alleged event, even if their free Optional admission cost them – as they know – their freedom life. Therefore they do not need to disarm confessions under torture or harm.

A series of cases of terrorism planning are endless plots till the last person from the opposition ends to be strictly punished, till death comes to whomever in the prison and until everyone tastes doom.

There may be another level of thinking by the government that contradicts this thinking and sees the reform as a solution that bring peace to everyone, but it has no proof in terms of the process of it so far, no signs of serious approaches towards it, people do not see a glimmer of hope in it.

The stubbornness of the government happens to be the versus of people’s determination to continue the road, till they achieve their fair demands and May Allah grant this country’s security and peace, and direct it from darkness to light as Allah is All-Hearer and Responsive

Coup against religion:

The land of the Islamic countries are stained with blood year after year, day after day, and the bloods which are spilled on this land are of Muslims and spilled by Muslims, I do not mean that the blood are of two parties fronting in a fighting regardless of the oppressor and the oppressed, and the aggressor and the aggressed upon, but what’s meant here that bloods are of children’s and the elders’, women’s and boys’ and young men’ who are not fighting in a war, nothing to do with fighting, they are not engaged in politics, nothing to do with it, their blood are spilled, they lost their lives, tortured while they are requesting for a livelihood, praying, in the market, in the mosque, in the Ma’atam, in their homes, in roads, at any hour of the night and day, going to prayer, and in their way back from prayer, at a wedding party, at any happy occasion, in grieve ceremonies and funerals, in a restaurant, in a coffee shop, anywhere, on any occasion, unconditionally, and without any opposition attitude from the victims nor even a harmful word!

The Muslim scholars are in the sight of all what’s happening, and the attitude is silence but only if the blood of a person who consistent with you or me in the doctrine, then I rebel, then I deny, then you deny!

What comes out of many of them, as well as major personalities, is a clear permit of this horrible evil, and the corruption on this land! It is a lie on Allah and His Messenger about promising a great reward for those who commit it, and go on doing it.  Even words that ignite sedition which make ignorant people have no doubt about the legality of this act.

Is there a greater setback in the understanding of Islam than this setback if it was for some kind of understanding of Islam? Is there a practical coup against Islam, -deliberately and determination- if error of understanding is not behind these attitudes, but it was anti-God and the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his family)?

Does a nation have to take this attitude of its right religion which distort it, and bring down the dignity of Islam in the souls that seek mercy of the God? It is fear on the whole nation, from a soon torment, in light of these ethics that is being in opposition to the God religion.

Do you expect this nation to have a stature between the nations, while it is doing this heinous evil, and at the level of its scholars? Is not that a feud with God before being with human? Isn’t it defiance for the sanctity of religion and targeting damage for it as it is for the blood of the people and the forbidden targeting for them?

Any Muslim –a scholar or a student-, anyone who respect the sanctity Islam and has a fear of God- have to scream in the face of this evil, and the coup against Islam. A Muslim is inviolable for a Muslim, his honor, his money, and blood.

The Islamic unit’s calls must be heard of everyone has loyalty to the Islamic nation, as God and his messenger Mohammed ( peace be upon him and his family) and Imams wanted, and on every part of the globe, till the voices of discrimination defeated, till the right wins, till the nation ranks unite and conquer their enemies.

You find the sincere unitary voices, which are keen on  the solidarity of the nation-building and its existence safety, are faced by anger , irritation, suspect, and antagonistic call.