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Qassim: Sedition Creeps to Every Inch of the Islamic Nation… Let our Denunciation Be One

Stressing that the Continuation of the Authority’s Security Approach does not Achieve the Purpose of Suffocating Freedom’s Voice
Ayatollah Isa Qassim: Sedition Creeps to Every Inch of the Islamic Nation… Let our Denunciation and Condemnation Be One

 The Second Part of Friday Sermon – Political – (557) | 20 Rajab 1434 H / May 31, 2013 | Mosque of Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) Alduraz.

You Used Every Method:

There is no method the government did not use to silence the voice of the people who demand their rights. And to keep the political and human rights situation the way it was is a thing that no homeland will get straight with and also, it will not meet with the democratic religion or ideology that swept all nations and peoples as it became another assumptive and ambition of this world; the oppressed masses, driven by their sense of deprivation and marginalization, exclusion and humiliation, see it as a refuge from the tyranny of authoritarian dictatorship that believes in the logic of oppression and force.

Despite the extensive abuse the people received and the heavy losses inflicted by the authority, it did not dim people’s voices and it did not break their will. What makes them like this is that it is difficult for them to return to a status in which their humanity is eroded, a statue that makes them lose their dearest things in life which are religion, dignity and freedom.

It is not known what remained for the authority to do to silence the people unwillingly or by force other than burning people or displacing them and evacuating this land from them.

All the ways used, which were either security or media or political, the authority spent on them the country’ money and the foreign aid, both could have mobilized the country and solved a lot of its haunting problems and represented something of reform. Instead, it tended to silence the voice of the people with the continued deprivation and marginalization, exclusion and contempt and lack of security.

As for the equitable solution that benefits the whole country, and guarantees the unity of citizens and the strength of the relations among their ranks, it seems that it does not exist at all, or that the authority does not know about it and unable to understand it; yet the fact is that none of all this is the reason, but the only reason is that they do not want this solution, they run away from its Consequences and their all own attempts to escape from them.

It is strange that the authority has not yet despaired from the effectiveness of these attempts and keeps doing them, hoping that they will work, oblivious or pretending to be oblivious that that these  attempts failed due to  people’s awareness, rationality, patience, endurance and peacefulness. They also failed due to the global awareness, the level of culture on the people’s political right and national rights in general, and the good reputation of the people’s peaceful movement that reached the different human rights and political circles in the world. They – those attempts – are meant to fail. With all this, the policy of domination and absolute exclusivity, and the policy of repression, oppression and exclusion cannot continue without being subjected to reform.

Continuing these attempts does not mean some sort of solution since they do not achieve the purpose of silencing the voice of freedom, and the continuing slavery and exclusivity, because all of this is impossible. However, it means one thing and that is lengthening the period of the crisis, attrition the nation’s wealth, stopping the wheel of development, and shedding more of the people’s blood and raising the level of their agonies. If this is what is required from continuing those attempts, then they are capable of achieving it. However, the moral of this policy does not meet with the values ​​of religion, the interests of the country and the human dignity and the right of citizens.

Our people have an issue

Our people have their own fair demands and reforming issue that they will never abandon or forget, neither their insistence on them will be affected by the type of the relationship in Bahrain or any relationship with another ruling – whether that relationship is positive or negative – as there is no connection in the first place, not to mention that people do not accept to link their issue and destiny with any relationship the authority chooses with the outside regardless of the relation’s type.

The authority’s engagement of people in any dispute between the authority itself and any state or body or party is only one attempt from the authority’s clear attempts to  clearly escape any reforming entitlement, and it’s only one type from the types of the deceitful escaping from what obligates the authority to respond to people’s demands. No one can be fooled around here to abandon demanding the reform and be occupied with alternatives the authority plans for them!!!

Nation torn by politics

This nation, which is regarded as the hope to save the earth – all the earth- from the ravages of ignorance, disbelief, misguidance, strife, chaos, destruction, and the shameful end, is distributed to dead bodies, scattered to pieces, teared and fragmentized. In this nation, the horror and panic are pervaded, hostilities are deepened, the seditions are planted, and the spirit of fighting is inflamed. All this is activated in all of the nation’s homelands and peoples while the spirit of sectarianism is increased to the highest degree of inflame as it fills its parties and bodies with the most dangerous images of the dark black hatred.

All this runs at the hands of the unjust politics, its illegal greed, meanness, its fall of morality and ignorance and the libertinism which controls it. This libertinism increases the politics’ fascination and deepening of the destructive factional projects as these politics felt the seriousness of threats after the awakening, revolutions and the Arab movement that caused the fall of some the repressive regimes that governed the nation’s territories with iron and fire, and felt that revolutionary extension could overthrow them like the way it happened to its equivalents. 

This was a considerable impulse for the outdated Arabic system to not let the nation or its people have an opportunity to rest or a room for harmony or meeting or enjoying a thread of the Islamic brotherhood’s threads, therefore this system insists on occupying people with deadly disputes and conflicts that pervade the nation’s ranks to keep them from the issue of demanding rights, reform, and change. This is the background for the fierce sedition that the Islamic nation suffers from today as it helps to deepen the wounds, inflame conflicts, and raise the spirit of sedition. This is completely contrary understanding of Islam to those who believe in Islam.   

Secular ambitions take the name of  Islam as a cover, and find it as an outlet for their desires, mobs who whoop behind each one whooping, sellers of religion and conscience and nation, they do not sanctify anything but money, and they do not have a sanctity which may prevent them from committing any sin!!!

The slogan of the community and the slogan of the sect is the today’s favorite slogan for those who do not have any mercy upon the nation or do not take the sanctities of God into account or do not care about religion nor they sanctify anything other than their rule and authority’s chair as this chair is the most seated by those whom the nation has been plagued by them for spreading sedition, exploding the situations, demolishing the nation unity, as well as fragmenting the people entity and tearing it into pieces.

Sectarian sedition today creeps to every inch that it could be in from the Islamic world in order to completely destroy this nation. The spoilers are working hard all the hours of day and night to achieve this criminal and despicable goal, which is not accepted by Allah and His Messenger, as this goal is also lethal to Islam and Muslims.

Anyone has a heart that fears God, honors his religion, cares about this nation’s honor and strength and unity, prides of Islam homeland, and respects human rights; and finds himself able to do or say anything that helps to stop sectarian sedition to the level that it has reached, reduce it and to contribute to extinguish it in the countries that are burning with it; it would be a religious duty that he cannot get rid of, and legally he is obligated to do all the possible for that sake!! And those who do not have the ability to do anything of that, then just Fear  God in the sanctity of religion, the right of the nation and the blood of Muslims and  do not contribute by one word in igniting strife and do not pour oil on the its fire.

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, in Bahrain and other countries, let our denunciation, condemnation, rejection, and conviction to be one against each aggression of Shiite against Sunni or Sunni against Shiite, or any aggression on the blood or money or honor of any party, against any unjust insult and cursing, mockery and irreverence that do not content Allah and His Messenger, against each incitation urged to the invasion of sanctity, against each prevention of any right of any Muslim, against every injustice undermines any Muslim or non-Muslim. That is how our religion wants us to be, and the one who says something different is definitely false!

Those who bring the sectarian sedition and sectarianism for an Islamic country to another and work on bringing it about, are harming Islam and an additional country of its countries, they are harming the Islamic nation as a whole, and increasing its inflammation, extending its age in the country that suffers from its scourge, as well as the devastating and really illiterate effects.