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Ayatollah Qassim: Not Every One of us has a Personal Issue with the Authority.. Reform is Our Issue

Ayatollah Isa Qassim: Not Every One of us has a Personal Issue with the Authority.. Reform is Our Issue

The second Friday sermon for AyatollahShaikhIsa AhmedQassim political – (556) 13RajabII1434 H, corresponding to 24 May 2013, Mosque of Imamal-Sadiq(peace be upon him) in Duraz.


People who do not accept division..

Many attempts were made to divide this people, cause hostility and deepen it among them, and let them fight and kill each other. These attempts adopted various means and followed ways for achieving this despicable purpose which is out of the interests of the homeland, not to mention that it is out of the religion, values, and integrity before.

People, with its Sunni and Shiite parties, in addition to the faithful clerics, elites, and the Islamic political national societies all stand with awareness and strength in the face of this scheme which wants to burn everything out of the politics’ tricks and its bad objectives and the abortion of any demand that asks for reform and change.

There is behind, the popular stance, the dear elites, and the fair political institutions, a full awareness of the seriousness of these plots, their hostility to all, and their destroying results. There is as well behind this popular stance a deep national and Islamic brotherhood, a sense of human’s value, and appreciation from this Muslim who has not been bought by the politics and who knows the right of the unity of the Islamic nation.

Neither malice of politics nor its misleading media nor all its means could have evoked the Shiite party or dragged the Sunni party to the state of fighting, killing, and clash which it targets. There are cacophonous voices and cheap tools here and there used in a plot, calling strongly for sedition and ignition of war. These voices and tools charge expensive costs from the general balance of people, at expanse of people’s security, brotherhood, unity, present, future, and the safety of their generations. However, people’s awareness, after favor of Allah, dropped its effectiveness and made it a failure so far.

It’s hoped from people to have enough awareness, religion, national brotherhood, humanitarian sense of the human’s value, and awareness of the common interests – which come after God’s protection from badness, as a guarantee of the failure of this bad deceit and vicious malice and murderous attempts, and not allow these to  have an extent or effectiveness on their ranks today or tomorrow.

People have done, since and based on the days of the National Authority and the First Institutional Council and the National Council, that followed it, and the events of this political phase, what promotes this hope and gives a high confidence of people’s intelligence, awareness, and wit.

We ask our Merciful Generous God to give our people, with all of its components, an insight and attention to their interest and appreciation to the religion and humanity in order to stand as one line and prevent those who want them to divide, scatter, fight and kill each other, whether they are from inside or outside, as we ask God that our people do not respond to the bad reflections of anything happening that carries within it the wind of sectarianism whether it’s from the surroundings or outside.

When argument is absent, the force is present..

This is the most difficult of all things for the governments; the result will be their resorting to the use of oppression, abuse, and fabricating events that give public and media justification for this policy. When the political institution or a part of it, which worships the authority, senses a failure in the political battle and gets depressed from achieving any victory, in a fair way or not , they have a tendency to excessively use force and violence rather than admitting defeat.

They hold to the delusion that they were created to role, overpower, and control people’s destinies and that no one has the right to share this right with them. This delusional and abnormal feeling increases the plight of the people because it opens the door to shed blood and exaggerate the abuse.

In this, peoples find themselves obliged, under the pressure of circumstances created by the authority’s inordinate and excessive psychological orientation, to confrontation ,even if it costs them a lot, in order to get rid of the pressure and its tiring results and to live a decent life that fits the humanity’s value.

Peoples that experienced the government’s injustice, repression, violence, and disregard for human dignity and blood rights and this experience of threatening presence and crushing humanity has driven people to the road to reform and change, while none of the government’s suppression or its violence will break their will or level their determination or cause them to retreat.

Peoples, with this degree of gravity and humiliation, do not need any one to push them to this road and prevent them from tolerating its hardships. Any advice to stop and wait for more suffering and cruelty, humiliation is considered a betrayal and insult. This if it came from any adviser who really wanted to advise. The government’s making a particular person or institution responsible for the continued rejection and patience to harm and pain for the sake of reform and change is only but some sort of thin justification.

The incident of this week, you have to know that not every one of us has a personal issue with the authority, but we are one people and our cause is one, the cause of reform, which everyone sees its necessity as well as the need to accelerate it as it is inevitable and  indispensable to the country, this is our cause.

You know that our homes all have their sanctity in the religion of Allah, which does not allow anyone to violate them. We are equal in this privacy, and to neglect the sanctity of one house means a neglect of all the houses’ sanctities while maintaining this sanctity happens when it is protected in all the houses. In doing so, our homes all are violated from the first time a house’s sanctity has gotten violated. Furthermore, our bloods are shed since the first shed of the sacred blood in this country.

Yes, every time one of the houses, which its sanctity was meant to be preserved by Allah, gets violated, the wound gets deeper, the inflammation increases, and the souls get provoked.

And you people, deserve my soul for your jealousy, enthusiasm, intelligence, faith, adherence to religion, and liberality. Sacrificing myself for you is like sacrificing to Allah, because I do not see you wanting anyone but Allah, and burning only for Him.

Dear people…

Stay the way you are as you do not abandon your demands of rights and justice nor your insistence on achieving demands and retrieving rights nor your wisdom and peaceful method, always devoted  for the sake of God, guided by religion and  the provisions of the Islamic Sharia, confident of the victory that God promised His believing ones.

Oh people… Dear people…

I am the one who is negligent to the right of God, religion and the people – I am saying this honestly and I ask God to make me honest not pharisaic -. Each time I get subjected to something that is little compared to the oppression and injustice that happen to you, you make me feel shy and embarrassed, stunting and remorse; towards your honorable attitudes that exceed the account, and towards your jealousy and enthusiasm and your dignified sacrifices that I think I don’t deserve! It is a debt which I can’t pay! It is a favor which I can’t forget or fulfill!

I am totally shy and embarrassed, in front of the concern of our precious Religious authorities and jurists, our fervent scholars, our dear students, and the great seminaries inside and outside Bahrain, in front of all the institutions and bodies, as well as personalities on both internal and external levels, whether they are religious or national ones, and in front of  you, the dear jealous patient Mujahid sincere people who sacrifice to deny evil, condemn the infringement, say the right word in the face of ignoring Sharia rules and what God has forbidden.

Dear beloved ones,

On your behalf, I bring sincere thanks and deep appreciation and gratitude for everyone who stands with this people in their distress denying the images of harsh injustice that people receive every day, -which deprive them of their comfort and security, and waste their dignity,- for every one supporting the right, justice, freedom and human dignity, seeking this country to be safe, dignified and independent; seeking that its people enjoy the sincerest images of Islamic brotherhood and the greatest national relations and that its people have the spirit of love and loyalty, fidelity and fruitful cooperation, which are in the interest of everyone and make justice, security, and peace prevail then.

This is what I – the poor servant of God– have to say, but the true reward is from the Almighty God, and the reward of God is the only thing that faithful ones want, and it is all what they wish and look forward! All their efforts for that sake! May God give them the best reward, and honor them with the reward of the doers of good.